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Dental Avenue Xpress SD Self Developing X-Ray Films are D Speed x- ray films which are self developing. They don’t require developing & fixing solution separately

Self developing X-Ray films have been advised to be used in dental clinics to save the chair side time

Xpress SD Self Developing X-Ray Films are intended to provide fast, high-resolution x-rays without the use of a dental processor.

Available as a self-contained packet with a monobath solution in one end and an adult size film in the other, the Xpress SD x-ray is fully developed in 30-45 seconds.

  • Instantaneous self-development for quick results.
  • Compact ISO format (2-3 × 4 cm).
  • Hygienic hermetically sealed double-color plastic pouch.
  • High sensitivity and maximum contrast imaging.
  • Rapid processing in 30-45 seconds.
  • Ergonomic design for precise intraoral positioning.
  • No need for darkroom or additional solutions.
  • Film Type: SelfDeveloping Dental XRay Film
  • ISO Format: 23 × 4cm
  • Sensitivity: Group D
  • Processing Time: 30-45 seconds
  • Development Process: Instantaneous SelfDevelopment
  • Exposure Times: Reduced
  • Contrast: Maximum
  • Hygiene Assurance: Disinfectedat Source
  • Storage Properties:Excellent
  • Intraoral Positioning: Precise and Safe
  • ImageDistortionPrevention: Plastic Envelope Reduces Risk of Bending

Box of 50 Self Developing X-Ray Films

  • 2 X Box (Each Containing 25 Films)

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