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Appledental Dental Diamond Burs Rotator Specialist

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  • BC-31
  • BC-42
  • BR-30
  • BR-30C
  • BR-31
  • BR-31C
  • BR-40
  • BR-40EF
  • BR-41
  • BR-45
  • BR-46
  • BR-49
  • BR-S45
  • CD-50F
  • CD-51F
  • CE-13F
  • CF-11
  • EX-11
  • EX-12
  • EX-18F
  • EX-21
  • EX-21EF
  • EX-24
  • EX-26
  • EX-27EF
  • EX-29EF
  • EX-31
  • EX-41
  • FO-20EF
  • FO-21
  • FO-21F
  • FO-22
  • FO-25
  • FO-25C
  • FO-27
  • FO-30C
  • FO-32
  • FO-32C
  • FO-54C
  • RS-11
  • SF-11
  • SF-11C
  • SF-12
  • SF-12C
  • SF-13
  • SF-13C
  • SF-21
  • SF-21C
  • SF-31
  • SF-41

Air rotor high-speed bur used during dental procedures, usually to remove
decay and shape tooth structure prior to the insertion of a filling or crown.
A dental bur may also be used in the cleaning and shaping of root canals
during endodontic treatment, or to remove old or temporary fillings or crowns
prior to the insertion of new or permanent restorations. Air rotor burs can
rotate at up to 400,000 rpm. Dental bur come in a great variety of shapes
designed for specific applications. They are often made of steel with a tungsten
carbide coating, or of tungsten carbide entirely. The bur may also have a
diamond coating. There are various shapes of burs that include round, inverted
cone, straight fissure, tapered fissure, and pear-shaped burs.

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BC-31, BC-42, BR-30, BR-30C, BR-31, BR-31C, BR-40, BR-40EF, BR-41, BR-45, BR-46, BR-49, BR-S45, CD-50F, CD-51F, CE-13F, CF-11, EX-11, EX-12, EX-18F, EX-21, EX-21EF, EX-24, EX-26, EX-27EF, EX-29EF, EX-31, EX-41, FO-20EF, FO-21, FO-21F, FO-22, FO-25, FO-25C, FO-27, FO-30C, FO-32, FO-32C, FO-54C, RS-11, SF-11, SF-11C, SF-12, SF-12C, SF-13, SF-13C, SF-21, SF-21C, SF-31, SF-41, SF-S32, SI-45, SI-46, SI-47, SI-48, SO-15, SO-20, SO-21, SR-13, TC-11, TC-11C, TC-11EF, TC-11F, TC-12, TC-13, TC-16, TC-20, TC-21, TC-21EF, TC-21F, TC-26, TC-26F, TC-S11, TC-S20, TC11F, TF-11, TF-11C, TF-12, TF-12C, TF-12EF, TF-12F, TF-13, TF-13C, TF-15C, TF-21, TF-22, TF-41, TF-S11, TF-S12, TR-11, TR-11F, TR-12, TR-13, TR-13C, TR-13EF, TR-14, TR-15, TR-19, TR-20, TR-21, TR-21F, TR-24, TR-25, TR-25EF, TR-25F, TR-26C, TR-S21, TS-S21, WR-13, WR-13C

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