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API Articulator Hinge is a simple articulator capable of accepting a single static registration.  This articulator is a mechanical instrument that represents the TMJ and the jaw to which maxillary and mandibular casts are attached to simulate jaw movements.

  • Use :-
    In cases where a tentative jaw relation is done for crown and bridge, CD and RPD


  • Allows prosthetic work to be done in the absence of the patient
  • Hinge articulator which gives only opening and closing jaw movements
  • Helps in establishment of proper occlusal settings in both RPD and CD.

Key Specifications

  • Allows the operator to better visualize the patients occlusion, especially from lingual view.
  • Patient cooperation is not a factor once appropriate interocclusal records are obtained from the patient.
  • Reduces the chair time, patient appointment time.
  • The patients saliva, tongue, and cheeks are not factors while using articulators


  • 1 x API Articulator Hinge

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