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Bio-C Temp from Angelus is a ready-to-use bioceramic tricalcium silicate paste for intracanal dressing allowing high performance in fewer sessions. It is advantageous to calcium hydroxide pastes because its low solubility allows it to be in contact with the canal walls for a longer period of time. As a result, this allows for a continuous and gradual release of hydroxyl (OH-) ions. Bio-C Temp is available in a syringe with a silicone cap and uses applicator tips specially developed for this product. The silicone cap effectively protects from external environment moisture, preventing premature hardening. The applicator tips are pre-curved and with adequate length, which facilitates application in areas with difficult access.

Indications for Use :

  • Intracanal dressing for endodontic treatment of teeth with pulp necrosis and retreatment.
  • Intracanal dressing for cases of perforations, external and internal resorptions, prior to the use of Bio-C Repair, MTA Repair HP and MTA Angelus.
  • Incomplete rhizogenesis.
  • Biocompatible
  • High Alkalinity
  • High Radiopacity
  • Microban Antimicrobial Protection
  • Easy Removal
  • pH ∼12
  • Radiopacity 9 mm AI
  • Particle Size ≤ 2 μm
  • Flow 23.85 ± 0.33 mm
  • Rheometry 11.0 ± 2.0 Pa.s
  • Solubility 0.15 ± 0.05%

Angelus Bio-C Temp 0.5gm

  • 1 x 0.5gm Syringe
  • 5 x Applicator Tips

Angelus Bio-C Temp 2gm

  • 4 x 0.5gm Syringe
  • 20 x Applicator Tips

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Angelus Bio-C Temp Syringes 2gm, Angelus Bio-C Temp Syringes 0.5gm

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