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D-Tech Ni Ti SE Wires

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  • Niti Rect 16x16 Lower
  • Niti Rect 16x16 Upper
  • Niti Rect 16x22 Lower
  • Niti Rect 16x22 Upper
  • Niti Rect 17x22 Lower
  • Niti Rect 17x22 Upper
  • Niti Rect 17x25 Lower
  • Niti Rect 17x25 Upper
  • Niti Rect 18x22 Lower
  • Niti Rect 18x22 Upper
  • Niti Rect 18x25 Lower
  • Niti Rect 18x25 Upper
  • Niti Rect 19x25 Lower
  • Niti Rect 19x25 Upper
  • Niti Rect 21x25 Lower
  • Niti Rect 21x25 Upper

Super Elastic Bright

Product Information

D-Tech super elastic nickel titanium archwire is made of the best quality, nickel titanium, so it retains its shape & memory longer, reducing chair time and patient wire changes. Super elastic nickel titanium preform arch wire for easy engagement and delivery of constant but gentle force that effectively moves teeth with a minimum of patient discomfort. Ideal for alignment and levelling in early to mid-stages of treatment. All Ni Ti wires exhibit a unique “Super elastic” behavior.   


Bright finished… Low friction
Permanent midline marking
Strength and ductility combination
High resistance to twist and fatigue
Smooth surface
Remarkable effect and patient comfort

Ortho Catalogue 2022


1 x Pack of 10 Pcs

Additional information

Weight0.250 kg

Niti Rect 16×16 Lower, Niti Rect 16×16 Upper, Niti Rect 16×22 Lower, Niti Rect 16×22 Upper, Niti Rect 17×22 Lower, Niti Rect 17×22 Upper, Niti Rect 17×25 Lower, Niti Rect 17×25 Upper, Niti Rect 18×22 Lower, Niti Rect 18×22 Upper, Niti Rect 18×25 Lower, Niti Rect 18×25 Upper, Niti Rect 19×25 Lower, Niti Rect 19×25 Upper, Niti Rect 21×25 Lower, Niti Rect 21×25 Upper

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